What are the best places in the world to paddle board

Best Places in the World to Paddle Board

Some people like to just chill out on a beach when on holiday but most like to try something different or do some sort of activity that they've never tried before. Paddle boarding is getting extremely popular all over the world and you can find it in some of the most beautiful locations.

Paddle Boarding With Sharks in Tahiti

Some fabulous footage of paddle boarders in the turquoise waters of Tahiti. Beautiful scenery and shots of sharks and stingrays interacting with the paddlers.

Paddle Boarding In The Florida Keys

If there's water you'll find paddle boarders. Florida Keys is a gorgeous destination to try the sport for the first time with great weather and plenty of outlets offering training and board hire.

Paddle Boarding In Maui

Check out the video below for some great footage of Maui and how paddle boarding helps to get you immersed into a stunning marine environment.